Process Post #8: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

This week’s readings focus on AI tools, specifically ChatGPT and DALL-E. The Business Insider article explains how to use DALL-E to create images based on prompts you write (Antonelli, 2022). I believe that these tools can be helpful; however, I also think that we must be cautious of how much we rely on these AI programs. 


This makes me think of a concept we discussed in lecture called automation bias. This is essentially where we rely too much on automation to make our decisions. When we use AI programs such as ChatGPT and DALL-E, we must view these programs as tools rather than sources.


I currently do not use these AI cites; however, I can understand how these programs could be helpful for website content. For instance, if I decide to make a creative content post, DALL-E could be a good tool to enhance the blog post. Often times it is hard to find specific images on Google that correspond with your vision. DALL-E allows the user to create a never before seen image that brings a vision to life.

DALL-E created image of a man typing on a laptop
"person using computer clip art style" via DALL-E


Antonelli, W. (2022, June 14). How to use dall·e mini, the viral AI tool that can turn any prompt into a series of pictures. Business Insider.

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