Process Post #6: Analyzing Website Design

Website Link:

Home Page:

The website’s home page is eye catching and colourful. One aspect of this page that I like is the fact that the images on the home page are constantly being updated to reflect the brand’s newest releases. For instance, the website is currently showcasing its Spring 2023 line. By having these large images on the front page, it attracts the consumer and increases the chance of the consumer viewing the featured items.

screenshot on urban outfitters website's home page. includes large image of models wearing clothes and large print on image that says spring 2023

The slightly blurred font for “SPRING 2023” adds texture to the website. The font looks futuristic, which may give the viewer the impression that their spring line is innovative and unique. Moreover, having the models wear specific pieces from this line allows the viewer to imagine how the products can be styled, which may entice the viewer to purchase the clothing items and accessories.

What Works:

  • The website is straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • The website’s white background increases contrast and makes their products stand out.
  • Website elements such as images and words are spaced out in a way that uses the blank space well, while also preventing the website from looking cluttered.
  • The menu: it is clearly segmented into their product categories (eg Women’s, Men’s Home, etc)
    • This makes it easy for the audience to navigate the website and view the category that they are interested.
screenshot of urban outfitters website. shows various categories that appear when you hover over the women's section of the menu. includes categories such as tops and dresses
  • The menu sections further expand to specific items in each category. For instance, New, Dresses, and Tops.
  • If the audience knows exactly which item they want, the search bar allows them to do that.


screenshot on urban outfitters website of a large image of a hoodie. to the left, there are smaller images with different photo angles of the hoodie and to the right a images of suggested products that the consumer may also like
  • Most items have several pictures which allows the audience to see every aspect of the product. This can help with the purchasing decision process as it allows the audience to analyze the item and see if it is to their liking.
  • To the right of the product, the website has a “You May Also Like” section which suggests similar items based on the product you are viewing. This is an effective strategy as it can increase sales.
screenshot of a website. filter by section of website that includes the filters size, color, brand, price, availability and free pickup
  • There is a “Filter by” sections that allows the viewers to customize their shopping experience to suit their needs.

Based on these points, it is clear that the “how it works” aspects of website design is well done. The layout is organized in a way that makes website navigation easy. The “how it looks” portion of design is displayed through the website’s use of images and colour. The images make the website more interesting and interactive for the viewer (Gertz, 2015).

What Could Be Improved:

screenshot of urban outfitters website. includes photos of 3 products lined up horizontally. underneath the photo of each product is the product name and price
  • The way the images line up make the website look clean and organized; however, the company may want to consider the fact that the customer does not have a reason to continue scrolling.
    • Since the images line up horizontally, the viewer feels like they can stop scrolling whenever. If the images were slightly staggered, the consumer would have more incentive to continue scrolling as they may feel like they are missing out on something.


Gertz, T. (2015, July 10). How to survive the Digital apocalypse. Louder Than Ten. Retrieved March 6, 2023, from

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