Process Post #4

What Website Audience Have I Been Imagining?

When I imagine someone viewing my blog, I imagine someone who has similar interests to me. Thus far, my blog posts have reflected my interests. As I mentioned in my About page, I enjoy listening to music and reading books. My previous two blog posts have reflected these interests.

Although this is not necessarily true, because I imagine someone who has similar interests as me viewing my blog, I imagine someone who has a similar aesthetic and attention span as me. When I read an article on a website, I look for a layout that has short paragraphs, colourful headings, and images that make the article seem less daunting to read. Therefore, I have been including these elements into my blog posts as much as possible.

The reading that stood out to me this week was It’s Complicated. In chapter eight of this reading, the author speaks of a peer she knew named Manu who felt more comfortable posting on Twitter than Facebook. On Facebook, he would connect with everyone he knew, so his posts would be seen by everyone he knew. On Twitter, less people followed him, so he would share more intimate things (Boyd, 2014). I feel similar with this website in the sense that I am anonymous on here. I feel comfortable expressing whatever is on my mind, as my audience does not know who I am.

Contrastingly, I would not share the same thoughts and opinions that I share on this blog on my personal social media accounts. This is because people that I know follow me on my social media. I am not very active on my social media accounts, as I do not like sharing personal aspects about me to the world.

By imagining a website audience that has similar interests to me, it makes me feel more comfortable posting whatever I want onto this blog. Those who have similar interests as me will view my site free of judgement, which makes me feel comfortable sharing my opinions.


Boyd, D. (2014). 8. searching for a public of their own. Wattpad.

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