Process Post #11: Transmedia Integration

Transmedia Integration on My Website

The article called Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling shares how this fictional world has expanding to many forms of media. For instance, Pokemon is present in books, TV shows, video games, card games, and much more (Whippersnappers, 2013). Pokemon has found a way to attract an audience in many forms of media.

This made me reflect on my website and if I could create transmedia content. Upon reflection, I do not believe I want to implement transmedia integration into my online website. I believe that transmedia integration would not make sense with my website’s vision. The way that I think of transmedia integration for this website is through expanding my website to multiple channels. For instance, I could create an Instagram account, a podcast, or a YouTube channel as an extension to my website. One thing that I enjoy about my website is the idea of my website being in one place. I like that every piece of content I publish is accessible through blog posts.

One way that I could integrate transmedia content is through providing links to my other platforms onto this website. For instance, if I were to make a YouTube channel, I could have a category in my website’s menu that connects to the YouTube channel. Although I am not opposed to the idea of creating content on other platforms, at this point in my life, I would like to stick to publishing on my website.

Situations where I would consider posting on other platforms, such as YouTube, is if something huge and exciting occurred in my life. For instance, if I were to go on a month long trip, I would consider vlogging highlights of my trips. This video would provide additional content that would support my blog posts about my trip. I did something like this in Mini Assignment #3 where I created a video that recapped my trip to LA in January. I think that if I were to implement transmedia integration into my website, I would do it through short videos.


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