Peer Review #1

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Building The Online Self

The website called InnerBeautifulChild is a wholesome blog. In the blog posts, it is clear that the writer truly values and loves their family. One aspect that I enjoyed seeing on the blog was the family photos that the writer included. Including this aspect allows the audience to feel connected to the writer. This removes the dissociative anonymity and invisibility factors that the online self typically offers (Suler, 2004).


The writer builds their online self well through the tone of the writing. The writing style is written in an informal way, which helps me imagine the way the writer may speak in real life. The way the sentences are structured adds personality to the posts and makes me feel more connected to the writer.


Additionally, the writer was vulnerable with the audience when they wrote about Bell Let’s Talk Day and their son’s struggles with mental health. This vulnerability strengthens the online self and allows the audience to imagine what the writer’s life is like. As Suler mentions, anonymity allows individuals to “feel less vulnerable about opening up” (Suler, 2004). I am glad that this writer not only removed the anonymity factor, by including family photos, but also opened up about topics such as mental health. Considering this blog focuses on family, including aspects like this enhances the website tremendously.

Website Design

Design wise, I like the theme that the writer chose for the website, along with the logo that is present on the home page. I interpret the general feeling of the blog as enjoying the little things in life with loved ones. I believe that the simplistic website theme embodies this feeling well.

Cursive font that says "Momma Jo's Family" with a design that looks like a sideways heart beside the word
InnerBeautifulChild's Website Logo

What I Would Like to See More of

I would like to get more detail in the website’s blog posts. Since we are still at the beginning of the semester, I understand that not much blog content has been created yet; however, I would have liked to see more posts to get a better understanding of who the writer is. The family photo and the post regarding Bell Let’s Talk Day gives the audience some information on the writer’s life; however, considering that this is a blog about family, I would like to learn more about the writer’s life.


The process post mentions how it was a struggle setting up the website, but I am curious to find out what specific challenges came up and what the process was like resolving these issues. When setting up my blog, I found it difficult to understand the basics of WordPress, such as what a “category” is. Including specifics to the setting up process would have allowed me to connect further with the writer.


Another aspect that I would love to hear more about is the meaning behind the website URL. Seeing that the author is family oriented, aspects of the URL “InnerBeautifulChild” can be assumed; however since the URL seems to have significance, an elaboration on the URL would allow the audience to further connect with the writer. The writer mentions how it was easy to come up with the URL, but I would love to learn why this URL came to the author’s mind so easily.


Overall, this website has plenty of potential. I wish that there were more posts to read and more detail in the current posts, but I do understand that we are still in the set up stage of the website building process. I look forward to seeing more posts on this blog in the future!


Suler, J. (2004). The Online Disinhibition Effect. The psychology of cyberspace. 

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