Mini Assignment #4: Remix Something

Replacing the Star Ingredient in a Recipe?

I found a delicious sounding earl grey tea cake recipe online. The recipe is by and features this simple yet tasty dessert.

The issue was, I did not have enough earl grey tea in my cupboards for this recipe. I did happen to have a huge 60 pack of English breakfast tea packets that I was struggling to get through (I determined after getting this huge pack of tea that I prefer earl grey tea over English breakfast tea). So I thought why not follow this early grey tea cake recipe, but with English breakfast tea instead! It not only saves me the trip of going to the store, but also helps me get rid of my huge box of English breakfast tea.

bowl full of flour and other baking ingredients. features a pile of English breakfast tea leaves in the bowl.
Mixing the English breakfast tea leaves into the bowl.

The Result

The cake turned out really good and the recipe was easy to follow. The outside was golden and crispy, while the inside was soft and moist. The English breakfast tea provided a subtle flavour; however I barely even noticed the tea flavour. Since earl grey tea has a stronger aroma to it, I believe the original recipe would have had a more distinct tea flavour. I hope to try this recipe again sometime, but with earl grey tea instead. Although I enjoyed this remixed version of the recipe, I think that I would enjoy the original recipe even more!

baked cake in a loaf pan
The cake fresh out of the oven.
slice of cake on a plate
Slice of the cake.

Recipe Link:

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