Mini Assignment #2: Guest Post

picture of Spiderman
A picture of myself (Spiderman) on the job

Hello everyone, it’s Spiderman here, and today I will be writing a guest post for this blog!


I’m going to give you a quick recap of my past week fighting crime.


Last week I was alerted to an issue at Simon Fraser University (SFU). There have been a series of night time robberies at the dining hall so I came to investigate. I got to the dining hall at midnight and I hid behind a crate in the kitchen and waited for the culprit to arrive. A few minutes later, I heard a crashing sound. I stayed where I was and waited for the robber to make its move. I needed to catch this criminal red handed.


Suddenly, a fridge light illuminated the kitchen and I heard items falling to the ground. I was about to catch the culprit and put an end to these robberies! I jumped out of my hiding place and yelled at the figure to put its hands up in the air. I was expecting to see a student, or perhaps an SFU employee.


I looked at the culprit, ready to fight if needed, only to find out it was a raccoon rummaging through the kitchen!


I cannot believe it was a raccoon that was stealing food! I knew there were a bunch of raccoons on the SFU campus, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. However, I never thought that a raccoon would be something that would cause such trouble at a university!


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