Process Post #12: Website Guidelines

Website Guidelines Reading the article titled The dark side of Guardian comments explains how comments vary depending on the type of article. It was found that articles written by women got more negative comments, as well as articles about world news,  opinion, and environment (Gardiner et al., 2016). Reading this article made me reflect on the guidelines… Continue reading Process Post #12: Website Guidelines

Process Post #11: Transmedia Integration

Transmedia Integration on My Website The article called Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling shares how this fictional world has expanding to many forms of media. For instance, Pokemon is present in books, TV shows, video games, card games, and much more (Whippersnappers, 2013). Pokemon has found a way to attract an audience in many forms of media.… Continue reading Process Post #11: Transmedia Integration

Process Post #10: Organic Search Traffic

Organic Search Traffic This week’s reading on 15 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO makes me reflect on how challenging it is to have your website appear in searches. The article’s first point is titled “Organic Search is Most Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic” (Hollingsworth, 2021). However, how often does my website… Continue reading Process Post #10: Organic Search Traffic

Process Post #8: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence This week’s readings focus on AI tools, specifically ChatGPT and DALL-E. The Business Insider article explains how to use DALL-E to create images based on prompts you write (Antonelli, 2022). I believe that these tools can be helpful; however, I also think that we must be cautious of how much we rely on these… Continue reading Process Post #8: Artificial Intelligence

Process Post #7: Finding Credible Sources

Fake News Is Everywhere Reading Yes Digital Literacy. But Which One? was very entertaining. The article talked about identifying “fake news” and sites with misinformation. The example websites that the author used to show fake news was obviously not credible to me; however, I found the author’s explanations of how certain people may trust these… Continue reading Process Post #7: Finding Credible Sources

Process Post #6: Analyzing Website Design

Website Link: Home Page: The website’s home page is eye catching and colourful. One aspect of this page that I like is the fact that the images on the home page are constantly being updated to reflect the brand’s newest releases. For instance, the website is currently showcasing its Spring 2023 line. By having… Continue reading Process Post #6: Analyzing Website Design

Process Post #5: Building My Digital Garden🪴🌷🌼

The Concept of a Digital Garden Gardening is a hobby people take on for themselves. It is typically a very personal interest. Want to plant a sunflower in a pot, just because? You can. Want to transfer your rosemary plant from one garden box to another? Who is stopping you? I love how Tanya Basu… Continue reading Process Post #5: Building My Digital Garden🪴🌷🌼

Process Post #4

What Website Audience Have I Been Imagining? When I imagine someone viewing my blog, I imagine someone who has similar interests to me. Thus far, my blog posts have reflected my interests. As I mentioned in my About page, I enjoy listening to music and reading books. My previous two blog posts have reflected these… Continue reading Process Post #4

Process Post #3: Who Am I Online and Could I Live Offline?💻

Who I Am Online The article by John Suler (2004) called The Online Disinhibition Effect made me reflect on how I want to be perceived on this website. I hope to remain my authentic self in all of my posts. Because this website is a personal blog that shares my thoughts, I tend to write… Continue reading Process Post #3: Who Am I Online and Could I Live Offline?💻

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