Peer Review #3

Website Link: Target Audience Looking at Completely Cass‘ website, her website seems to be catered towards student athletes, like herself. The website currently lacks content posts, which makes it difficult to feel connected to the author; however, the video in the “About Me” section allows the audience to have a better idea of who… Continue reading Peer Review #3

Peer Review #2

Website Link: The Design This peer review will feature the website called “Two A.M. Thoughts.” The How to survive the digital apocalypse reading brings up a point that design is typically viewed in two parts. There is the “how it works” design and the “how it looks” design. Gertz criticizes this classification for being too simplistic, suggesting… Continue reading Peer Review #2

Peer Review #1

Website Link: Building The Online Self The website called InnerBeautifulChild is a wholesome blog. In the blog posts, it is clear that the writer truly values and loves their family. One aspect that I enjoyed seeing on the blog was the family photos that the writer included. Including this aspect allows the audience to… Continue reading Peer Review #1

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