Song Recs Based on Books

Malibu Rising By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Malibu Rising follows Nina Riva, daughter of the world famous singer Mick Riva, as she hosts a huge party. Mick abandoned his family and Nina’s mother died when Nina was still in high school. Being the oldest child, she had to step up and take care of her siblings. The themes of this book include sacrifice, family, healing, and independence.

Song recommendations:

  • Matilda by Harry Styles
  • Vienna by Billy Joel
  • You’re On Your Own Kid by Taylor Swift

Love and Other Words By Christina Lauren

Love and Other Words is a romance book that has an alternating past and present timeline. The book follows Macy and Elliot as they become friends (and more than friends) during their childhood. Macy has a vacation home next door to Elliot’s home and they quickly form a bond. Something happens that causes them to not speak for 11 years. The present timeline follows them as adults. They run into each other for the first time since they were kids, where it is revealed why they have not spoken for so long.

Song recommendations:

  • Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo
  • 18 by One Direction
  • History by One Direction
  • Daylight by Taylor Swift
  • Last Kiss by Taylor Swift
  • New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift
  • From the Dining Table by Harry Styles

The Song of Achilles By Madeline Miller

The Song of Achilles is a greek mythology that follows Achilles and Patroclus as they grow up together and fall in love. Eventually, they must fight in the Trojan War. The themes of this book include love, sacrifice, and betrayal.

Song recommendations:

  • The Great War by Taylor Swift
  • Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift
  • Dark Red by Steve Lacy
  • Pluto Projector by Rex Orange County

Red, White & Royal Blue By Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue follows the First Son of the United States and the British prince as they are forced to hang out together and pretend to be friends for publicity reasons. As they fake their friendship, their bond becomes closer than they expected.

Song recommendations:

  • London Boy by Taylor Swift
  • American Boy by Estelle
  • Only the Brave by Louis Tomlinson
  • Who Cares? by Rex Orange County
  • Late Night Talking by Harry Styles

The Summer I Turned Pretty By Jenny Han

The Summer I Turned Pretty follows Belly as she spends her summers in a beach house with two brothers whom she has known since they were kids. As they’ve grown up, feelings start to develop.

Song recommendations:

  • Silver Tongues by Louis Tomlinson
  • Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift
  • Tongue Tied by Grouplove
  • Heat Waves by Glass Animals
  • August by Taylor Swift
  • Summer Love by One Direction

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