Journaling Ideas

Why Should You Journal?

Healthline lists stress reduction, emotion processing, and self-discovery among some of the benefits of journalling (Tartakovsky, 2022). Some may use journalling as a place to write down thoughts, while others use it as a creative outlet. This blog post will list some ideas of what you may want to journal about if you don’t know where to start. This list includes a range of written prompts as well as more artistic page ideas.

Journaling Ideas:


  • Your Favourite Things
  • Your Bucket List
  • Things That Make You Happy
  • Wish Lists


  • Monthly Song Tracker
    • Keep track of your favourite songs from each month
  • Book Tracker
    • Keep track of the books you read and write a small review of each book
  • Song Tier List
    • Rate all the songs in an album from your favourite to least favourite
  • Sleep Tracker
    • Track how many hours of sleep you got and rate your quality of sleep

Artsy Pages:

  • Random Art/Doodle Pages
  • Vision Board
  • Tattoo Ideas

Written Prompts:

  • Write About Your Gratitudes
  • Write About One Good Thing That Has Happened Recently In Your Life
  • Trip Recap
  • Your Favourite Quotes & Song Lyrics 
    • Write them down and reflect on why you like them
  • A Letter To Your Future Self
  • Appreciation Pages
    • Dedicate a page to your favourite show/artist/movie/book, etc.
  • Write About What You Dreamed About The Night Before
  • Things You Love About Yourself
  • Write a Letter To Your Past Self


These were some journaling ideas if you ever find yourself blanking on what to journal about. I would recommend also browsing Pinterest for examples of page layouts and for more journaling ideas. At the end of the day, it is important to journal about what you want to journal about. Whether you want to use a journal as a creative outlet or as a place to clear your head and write down your thoughts, there is a plethora of topics and ideas that you can implement into your journal!


Happy Journaling! 🙂


Tartakovsky, M. (2022, February 22). 15 benefits of journaling and tips for getting started. Healthline.

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