I Deleted TikTok and You Should Too

Removing The Distraction

In January 2022, I got a new phone. This meant that my phone had nothing on it besides the default apps that come pre-downloaded onto it. While getting my phone set up, I began downloading apps. I downloaded Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, etc. Then I began searching for TikTok in the App Store. I thought to myself “is downloading TikTok a good decision?”

Throughout the lockdown of 2020, I was bored and looked for any source of entertainment. I became addicted to TikTok. The algorithm did a (concerningly) good job at feeding me videos catered to my interests. I would spend hours scrolling through the feed; I kept telling myself “one more video” instead of simply closing the app.

Ever since then, TikTok consumed my life. It would affect my sleep schedule, productivity, and social life. I recognized that this was an issue, but did nothing to treat this addiction. Deleted the app require taking an active step to remove this distraction; it seemed easier to keep it on my phone. When I got my new phone, the active step that had to be made was downloading the app. I reflected on this choice I had and decided to see what happens if I simply don’t download the app.

TikTok Logo
TikTok Logo

How My Life Has Changed

Not having TikTok on my phone has drastically improved my life. Of course there are still distractions such as YouTube, Netflix, and Instagram Reels; however, I find that the algorithm on these platforms are not nearly as good as TikTok. Because the algorithm is not as good, I don’t find myself spending hours on these platforms.

I found myself having more time for things that mattered. Instead of using my energy learning about a new TikTok trend or influencer drama, I could use this energy on myself. I began finding new hobbies that are more productive. For instance, I began reading. In 2022, I read 36 books, which is a lot considering I only read one or two books the year before. I also began taking care of myself more. I began going to the gym and having more time to spend with friends and family.

I noticed a big change in my mental health. Spending the whole day on TikTok made me feel terrible about myself. I would feel like a disappointment to myself as I could have used that time in productive ways that would benefit me. Additionally, I started to feel more confident. I no longer spent hours comparing myself to people on TikTok. I used to compare my looks, my personality, and my success to those on the app. Now that I no longer have the app, I find myself less concerned with how I compare to others. Instead of comparing myself to others, I can use my time thinking about ways I can better myself and reach my goals.


If you are considering deleting TikTok, DO IT! The first week or two without the app is difficult, as you may crave the dopamine that TikTok gave you; however, your life will drastically improve if you delete the app. Your days will feel longer, you will become more productive, you will feel better about yourself, and you will discover new and better ways to fill your time.

Here is something to think about:

When you are old and reflect back to your youth, would you rather think about the time you wasting on your phone or the amazing experiences you had offline?

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