How to Romanticize Your Life

What Does Romanticizing Your Life Mean?

Romanticizing your life essentially means appreciating the little and mundane things about your life. Your life doesn’t have to be particularly exciting or “like a movie” to romanticize it. Your life can be romanticized by simply paying attention to small things that make your life beautiful. This blog post will share ideas of how to romanticize your life and feel like the “main character.”

1. Make Little Things Feel Exciting

One way to romanticize your life is by making mundane tasks something that you look forward to. For example, while doing chores, blast your favourite songs and sing along to the lyrics. This will make the chores feel like a fun experience rather than something you are dreading.

2. Accessorize and Decorate

Another way to romanticize your life is through aesthetics. Making things look aesthetically pleasing will make you feel more put together and will make a situation more exciting. For instance, if you’re making dinner for your family, make the dinner table look cute by including a centrepiece, setting the table in a “fancy way” (set the cutlery and fold napkins in a way that looks like it’s from a fancy dinner party). Or if you’re going out to run errands, take an extra minute to put on some jewelry and you will feel more put together throughout the day.

3. Value Your "Me Time"

Take some extra time to unwind and clear your head. Occasionally take a bath instead of a shower, paint your nails, and journal to release your thoughts. Setting aside time for yourself will help you feel better mentally and physically. “Me time” will give you the opportunity to clear your head, organize your thoughts, and make you feel ready for a new day.

4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside of your comfort zone will allow you to experience things that you otherwise would have never experienced. This can be as simple as saying “yes” to new things. Exposing yourself to new opportunities will help you grow as a person and will help you appreciate all that life has to offer.

5. Write Down Your Gratitudes

You can do this on a daily basis, weekly basis, or a monthly basis. Writing down things that you are grateful for allows you to stay grounded and helps you appreciate the little things that make life beautiful. Writing down your gratitudes may help you recognize and appreciate things in life that you otherwise would have overlooked. If you are interested in purchasing a journal with pre-written prompts in it, The Five Minute Journal is a great product to get (or you can just copy down their prompts in a blank journal to save money!)

The inside of the five minute journal. there are prompts called I am grateful for, what would make today great, daily affirmations, highlights of the day, and what did I learn today. There is also a daily quote at the top of the journal page.
Inside The Five Minute Journal

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