Getting Out of a Reading Slump

The Pain of Being in a Reading Slump

A reading slump is essentially when you don’t have the desire to read. I’ve been in the reading slump for the past 2 months.¬†Every single time I had free time to read, I just lacked the motivation to actually open the book and read it. This period has been terrible for me. I set a 2023 reading goal on Goodreads for 36 books; this was the amount I reached in 2022. So far I have read only 1 book this year (yikes!).


I feel like I have finally gotten out of my reading slump as I am almost done my second book of the year. This post will give my advice on how to get out of a reading slump.

1. Remove the Pressure of Reading

One of the worst part about a reading slump is the guilt you feel for not reading. I recommend setting aside a few days where you will not read at all. This way, instead of thinking about opening up a book but then never actually reading, you will give yourself a break from the pressure of needing to read when you don’t want to. After these few days, your perspective of reading may change. You may feel refreshed and interested in reading again.

2. DNF a Book

DNF (or did not finish) is when you, as the term says, did not finish a book. Sometimes the reason why you lose interest in reading is because you’re not enjoying the book you’re reading. It can be a painful process trying to finish a book you don’t like, which could ultimately prevent you from wanting to read (thus putting you in a reading slump). Although DNFing a book can be a disappointing feeling, it is sometimes necessary. Therefore, do not be afraid to DNF a book, or simply push it aside to read at a different point in time.

3. Bring a Book With You

I recommend bringing a book with you wherever you go. This may motivate you to start reading if you have nothing else to do. For instance, if you are on public transit commuting to work and you have a sudden urge to read, you can! Since getting the motivation to open up a book is one of the hardest parts of being in a slump, having a book in these situations might make opening up a book feel easier.

4. Listen to an Audiobook

Playing an audiobook in your headphones allows you to “read” a book without having to dedicate time to sit down and open up a book. You can have an audiobook playing while doing chores or while commuting to work. You can also listen to an audiobook while reading along with it. Hearing the book being recited you to might help you get into the book. An audiobook that I recommend listening to is the audiobook to Daisy Jones & The Six. The narrators of this book enhance the reading experience and makes you feel more connected to the characters.

5. Read Book Reviews

Reading (spoiler free) book reviews may give you the motivation needed to continue reading a book. When I read a book review of someone who heavily enjoyed the book, it gives me the motivation to continue reading. It makes me want to be able to relate to their thoughts about the book and feel the excitement that they felt while reading the book.

6. Re-read a Book

Reading a book you have already read and enjoyed may help you get into the flow of reading again. Whenever I re-read a book I loved, it helps me remember how happy reading makes me. Re-reading is a safe thing to do since there is no risk in you not liking it.

Don't Feel Bad About Being in a Slump!

Lastly, it is important to remember that being in a reading slump is normal and happens to everyone! Don’t put yourself down for not wanting to read. Getting out of a reading slump takes time and patience, but it’s possible!

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