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The Favourite Song Dilemma

The best feeling is when you discover a new favourite song. You end up loving it so much that you constantly have it on repeat. You add it to all of your playlists and it’s the first song you reach for when you open up Spotify.

This is all fun and games until you start to become bored of the song. The song no longer gives you the same feelings as to when you first discovered it. Now what? What are you supposed to listen to now? This blog post will give advice on how to prevent your favourite songs from becoming boring, while sharing how to expand your music taste.

Make New Playlists Often

An issue that I had was that I would make a few “main” (aka most listened to) playlist and continuously add new songs to it. This became an issue for me as the songs that were on the playlist from the very beginning would get overplayed. Instead of making a fresh new playlist, the pre-existing playlists would simply get longer and longer. This made me sick of the songs that I added to the playlist when I first made it.

To avoid this, I recommend making monthly playlists. This way, when a new month starts, you can transfer over the songs that you still love from the previous month onto the new playlist, while leaving out the songs that you don’t care for anymore. This not only allows you to have an updated selection of songs to play each month, but it also lets you go back to old months to see what you listened to at that time. These monthly playlists become a keepsake of that period in your life, which is fun to look back on!

Discover New Music

It is vital to continue listening to new music! You still have so many favourite songs to discover, and the only way to hear them is through branching out to new artists and genres. Take advantage of the recommended section of music streaming apps! If you’re a Spotify user, Discover Weekly and the new AI DJ are excellent places to start.

Make Playlists With Friends

The collaborative playlist feature on Spotify allow you and your friends to add songs to a single playlist (sorry Apple Music users, not sure if this option exists for you yet). This is a great feature that can not only help you connect with your friends on a musical level, but it also helps you discover new music!

Listen to Full Albums

If you like a single song by an artist, chances are you may like the other songs on the album it’s on. If you’re feeling ambitious, you may even want to listen to the artist’s entire discography, but that can be quite time consuming, so sticking to one album will feel less daunting (take baby steps!).

Listen to Whatever the F#%k You Want

At the end of the day, who cares what you listen to? If it makes you happy, listen to it! There’s no need to have an extensive list of songs, genres, and artists that you listen to if you’re happy with the current music selection you have. Remember: quality over quantity!

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