10 Self-Care Ideas


Self-care is an important part of one’s well-being. These are little things that you can do for yourself and yourself only. It could be something productive or simply a meaningless activity that makes you happy. This blog post will you give some self-care ideas.

10 Ideas:

1. Listen to music

  • Drown out life for a bit.

2. Read a book

  • Escape from the stresses of the real world and enter a fictional one.

3. Retail therapy

  • You don’t necessarily have to buy anything, window shopping is also fun.

4. Move your body

  • Go to the gym, walk around your neighbourhood, go on a hike, dance, etc.

5. Have an “everything” shower

  • Put on a good playlist and have a shower where you do everything (hair mask, exfoliate, shave, etc.). You’ll feel like a new person when you’re done.

6. Journal

  • Release your thoughts onto paper.

7. Touch grass

  • Go outside and get some fresh air.

8. Go to sleep early

  • Get a good night’s sleep so you feel energized in the morning.

9. Drink lots of water

  • Stay hydrated!

10. Engage in those little things that make YOU happy.

  • Whether it’s going down a rabbit hole of cast interviews for a show you just finished or crocheting a cardigan, make sure you take part in hobbies and interests that you enjoy doing!

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